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April 2015

  • Make Up

    How to master a flawless face

    Introducing the fastest and simplest way to a flawless complexion: The Beauty Department Precision Blending Sponge! This unique sponge applicator in glorious green was designed by celebrity makeup artist Nadine Monley (so you know…

    April 30, 2015
  • Body + Bath

    3 natural deodorants for healthy, happy pits

    As more and more people are starting to become aware of the dangers of using chemically-laden deodorants and anti-perspirants, plenty of people have been changing up their underarm game by choosing greener options that…

    April 20, 2015
  • Make Up

    How To Get Glowing Skin With Make Up

    Long story short — everyone, and we mean EVERYONE craves beautiful, glowing skin. The kind that appears as though you’ve just bathed in a sparkling pool of unicorn tears, the kind that looks as…

    April 1, 2015