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All About Rose Water

July 5, 2016


Luxury meets wellness meets beauty.


Hailed the magic potion of beauty, Rose Water Extract has been incorporated into beauty regimens for centuries. With an exotic fragrance that transports you to a land of luxury and opulence, as well as an expansive list of versatile benefits and uses, Rose Water is Mother Nature’s answer to any beauty problem you can think of.


Extracted from the distilled water of bloomed roses petals, some of the most popular uses of this bewitching potion include hydration, balancing pH and oil levels, unclogging pores, revitalising and refreshing the skin, and the list goes on!


Containing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, rose water extract even has various medicinal uses such as strengthening skin cells, and regenerating skin tissues. With a cooling effect that allows for skin to look and feel as soft as a petal, up and coming beauty brand Cilk have found a new way to draw out the benefits in their purest form!


From the ancient beauty rituals of Cleopatra to the modern use of rosewater in refreshing mists, Cilk takes on a revolutionary approach, harnessing all the benefits of rosewater in one simple drink. This refreshingly delicious drink is hand crafted in small batches to ensure perfection in every bottle. Combining the purest form of rosewater with notes of cold pressed refreshing hibiscus, and a warming decadent hint of vanilla, this fragrant, youth-booting elixir takes on an uncomplicated view of beauty in its simplest form.


Fusing together elements of edible beauty with the unique powers of rose water, this elegant and luxurious approach enhances the skin’s natural glow from within harmonising both the skin and mind. With a beautiful aesthetic, Cilk bottles up the delicacy and longevity of rose water properties, in their freshest, most potent form. This small indulgence is a sensory experience like no other. Sublime.

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