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3 Ways to Boost Mindfulness

September 20, 2016


“If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself” – Becca Lee


Sometimes life can feel like one big juggling act, and as good as we may be at covering our struggles on the outside with a smile, we may not be noticing the effects such stress can have within. Inner turmoil can not only wreak havoc throughout the body but have an obvious, detrimental effect on our external appearance leading to thinning hair, skin breakouts and overall lacklustre energy levels. In light of this, here are five simple ways to boost mindfulness to strengthen and soothe your mind, body and spirit.


  1. Meditation is perhaps the simplest and most convenient method of achieving inner peace, but it is by no means the easiest. A beginner can start by following their breath, repeating a single word or mantra, staring at a candle flame or counting mala beads, and build up their duration until they get use to the ritual. The idea is to let go of the thoughts that emerge and distract from your meditation or simply just notice them without engaging in them, and in time this will improve your ability to concentrate and remain in the present moment. Light an aromatherapy Inner Peace Candle from ILA-SPA, featuring 100% natural essential oils of Tuberose and Rose, to create a tranquil atmosphere of stillness while you meditate.


  1. Yoga and mindfulness can go hand in hand, they are both ancient spiritual practices that aim to liberate oneself from the small, egoic mind. Buddhist meditators cultivate mindfulness alongside all styles of hatha yoga, through an emphasis on breath awareness. As you breathe while doing yoga poses, stay alert to changes in the quality of the breath, its depth and rate. Scan the body as you stretch, being open to all that arises. In conjunction with these poses, complement your practise with therapeutic rituals for the best, most calming results. A great example is the Concentrated Body Balance Aroma Concentrate from YUNI, a centring roll-on tonic ideal for use during the Savasana pose.


  1. A rather unknown form of proving calm and mindfulness is to practice the discipline of gratitude. Practicing gratitude can help to maintain perspective and act as a mood booster, especially when overwhelmed with tasks and pressures. When you sit down to consider what you’re actually grateful for, you take a moment to picture each one in your mind and you can then ask yourself, why are you grateful for this? Can you feel the experience of that gratitude in your body? Couple this with a moment of stillness as you bring the grateful thoughts to mind and you have yourself a pretty savvy mindfulness practice. Still by Vitruvi is a perfect aid for gaining and maintaining stillness and clarity while you undergo this beautiful process, with a feminine floral scent made from Clary Sage, Egyptian Geranium and Rose and blended in 100% pure Italian Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, and Castor Oil. To use, simply mist over face and body as a subtle reminder throughout your day to take a moment to be still and grateful for the life you live.


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