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The Korean skincare boom is hitting our shores

October 6, 2015

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You are probably very aware of the world’s obsession with Korean beauty products. Ever since the global popularisation of BB Creams a few years ago, beauty junkies have been fawning over the cutesy packaging and great promises of South Korea’s best skincare secrets. Korea experiments with different processing technologies in engineering their ingredients, meaning that they are often at the forefront of skincare innovation. Although the trouble, for too long, has been the lack of natural options. Fortunately for us, that is beginning to change! The industry has caught on to the hole in the market, and we can now expect products that offer the ultramodern technology of Korea, without the worry of exposure to nasty chemicals.

Take our latest addition to I Am Natural Store, Blossom Jeju, for example. This innovative brand uses the principles of Eastern skincare, but focuses on the natural healing and anti-ageing properties of natural Camellia Seed Oil to heal and replenish the skin. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the oil is quickly absorbed deep into the skin, retaining moisture and creating the perfect base for your makeup.

Camellia Seed Oil can be used alone or as an active ingredient in your skincare and is especially effective when teamed with other nutrient-rich ingredients like Camellia flower extract and Chocolate Vine.

Blossom Jeju’s Pink Camellia Soombi line uses these plant-derived active ingredients to improve skin’s elasticity and suppleness, making the overall beautifying experience luxurious, hydrating and nourishing. Rich in hyaluronic acid, the Blooming Cream is perfect for treating ageing or dehydrated skin.

Finally, the Camellia Soombi Essence Toner is the perfect way to show your skin some TLC as the days grow warmer. A mist of this all over the face will refresh and rehydrate after your cleanser, or wherever you are throughout the day. Not only does this wondrous elixir moisturise, but it prevents dehydration as you go about your day. Essential in rough summer heat or the biting cold!

It is so exciting to have a Korean line that is all-natural and good for you, and we can’t wait to welcome more Korean all-natural brands into our I Am Natural Store top shelf. Stay tuned!

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    Korean skin care products are great when it comes to giving your skin its flawless look. The ingredients are all natural which is very beneficial to the skin. We’ll not be shock one day if all of the people are using these skin care products because, nevertheless the effects are really superb.

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