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How to get glowing skin with make up

October 8, 2014


Long story short — everyone, and we mean EVERYONE craves beautiful, glowing skin. The kind that appears as though you’ve just bathed in a sparkling pool of unicorn tears, the kind that looks as though you live in a Bikram studio, the kind that makes others wonder whether you live purely on a diet of green juices and kale cleanses. Yep, the ever-elusive glow is definitely dreamy.

But what exactly constitutes a glowy complexion? Healthy, hydrated skin for starters, followed by radiance-enhancing makeup of the natural and organic variety. Below, we walk you through the steps to achieving a dewy-fresh, luminescent visage. Just don’t be surprised when Ryan Gosling look-a-likes yell out ‘Hey Girl!’ when you walk past


So you’ve cleansed and moisturised the night before, and hit the hay with a wonderfully nourishing moisturiser and beauty oil slathered all over your face (we love Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion as a handy little overnight, antioxidant-rich hydration hit and MUN No.1 Aknari Brigthening Youth Serum for optimum cell renewal while you snooze). Now you’ve awoken and you’re ready to seize the day with a luminous complexion and the confidence to boot.

First thing’s first, prep the skin… with coconut oil! Trust us, it’s a game-changer and acts as the ultimate hydrating primer, because it goes on so well and multitasks really beautifully. Slather it onto your cheeks, lips, forehead; anywhere that needs a little moisture for a dewy sheen (you can even add some to the ends of your hair) and make sure the oil sinks in for at least five minutes before you apply any makeup over the top. A formula like Indah Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (made without chemical processing, with no added preservatives and artificial flavours) will give your skin a dewy sheen and make it smell absolutely delicious. Remember, healthy, moisturised skin will refract light and make you look literally more luminous so you always want to make sure skin is adequately prepped.


Flawless skin is best achieved with sheer, lightweight formulas that don’t weigh the visage down. Lily Lolo BB Cream is your go-to clear skin creator, thanks to a cocktail of hyaluronate, organic aloe and jojoba oil as well as mineral pigments that moisturise while providing light coverage to the skin. Blend into the skin with your fingertips as this will impart a seamless finish. Start in the centre of the face and blend outwards towards the hairline and underneath the jawline.


Missed out on a bit of sleep? Want to banish the remnants of a cheeky night out on the town? Consider Vapour Organic Beauty’s Illusionist Concealer your new best friend. It’s creamy and crease-free, and melts into the skin effortlessly, getting to work right away at banishing imperfections. Apply in dots to your target areas and then dab with your ring finger (for a light touch) until fully blended.

You can also pair this with Vapour Organic Beauty’s Trick Stick – the Makeup Artist’s secret for a lit–from–within glow! Add a teensy amount underneath and in the inner corners of the eyes. It makes a huge difference if you want to fool people into thinking you’re actually awake and listening to them!


Highlighters are incredible products, for the very fact that they enhance and accentuate all of the beautiful parts of the face. Apply the Kjaer Weis Cream Radiance Highlighter (a dream prod for beauty buffs) over your base with your fingertips to all the area where the light naturally hits the face; the tops of the cheekbones, arch of the eyebrow and down the centre of the nose. You might also want to dab some on the bow of the lip to complement your lip shape.


A bit of rouge on the cheeks never hurt anyone, and will guarantee you the glow you’re after. Dab some of Kjaer’s Weis’ Cream Blush in ‘Embrace’ (a lovely universally flattering shade) to the apples of the cheeks and tap away until the product is fully blended, spreading it out towards the hairline.


Spritzing your face with a moisturising mist will not only give you a dewy-fresh finish, but also set your glowing skin makeup. MV Organic Skincare Rose Hydrating Spray smells like a thousand rose petals and will impart the skin with a gentle, sheer sheen that will instantly get to work at treating dehydration and lacklustre layers

Now that you’re a glowing skin goddess, what are you waiting for? Glow get em’, girl!

Image courtesy of Vogue

– I Am Natural Store xo

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